Teletherapy at Cognitive Change 

Imagine not having to worry about fighting traffic or having to drive in bad weather for a counseling appointment.

See your therapist regularly in session through teletherapy - a method using face-to-face telecommunication technology over the internet for counseling sessions. Make an appointment in advance with a therapist, but instead of traveling to an office, you hop on your computer or cellphone and have a video chat. 

A client can be anywhere to receive teletherapy - at home, at the office during lunch, and regardless of the weather of the lack of transportation options. 

Privacy Protected 

We care about the security of your information, and have measures in place to ensure its protection. All teletherapy services are conducted using secure, HIPAA-compliant tools.

Insurance Approved

Many of our insurance companies  cover mental health teletherapy and are waiving copayments associated with those visits during this period of time. Please check with your insurance company if you need more information regarding your specific coverage.